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Did you know that nearly 70 million adults in the U.S. have some type of sleep disorder, with sleep apnea being the most common? If you have trouble breathing at night, you can count on Sunshine Dental, PLLC to help you take back your sleep schedule. We specialize in cosmetic and general dentistry in Washington, D.C.

More specifically, our local dentist offers sleep apnea treatment plans. We produce custom oral appliances to be worn while you sleep. These appliances will help open up your airway and support your jaw for an easier and smoother sleeping experience.

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We're backed by Sareeta Gupta, D.D.S. Diplomate of the ASBA

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Looking to fix your overbite, chipped tooth or misaligned smile? Is your snoring disrupting your relationship? Sunshine Dental offers a variety of non-surgical dental solutions in Washington, D.C.

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We'll be more than happy to discuss these treatment plans with you to find the best solution for your dental problems. Contact us now to speak with a dentist about getting veneers or Invisalign treatment services.


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